Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Roundup #25

As I'm sat here, eating peanut butter (for breakfast even though it's now 12..), watching Sunday brunch and dreading more reading for my literature review, I've thought back over my week and considered it to be quite the good'un. Most days were used for reading and writing, but I've also been to a taster pole-dancing session which was a work out and a half, helped a friend with their dissertation study, met Leo for a cuppa, had two lovely meals cooked for me by two different friends, Kate and Rosi, caught up with Theana over tea, almost perfected how to do my liquid eyeliner, started preparing Michael's care packages for Afghan (best fun!), got some more raffle prizes from Lush and ended last night at a shisha bar trying to blow o's. I officially suck at that last bit.
the most annoying part of living with people to the left - JUST CHANGE IT.
and doesn't that mouthwash look like it'd taste like bubblegum? I want to drink it.

I love instagram's dreamy blur effect. so good.

the last of my Yogi green tea's was a good'un - we always can start again.
and right is the matching-ness of my eyeliner for once! Odd photo though aha. 

how does poundland always do that? I realllllllllly wanted to buy one of these, but they're tiny. 
and wouldn't fit anything in. But I sure did/do want one.

a burger in the union, how I want to try and eat that bad boy!
right is the prize lush donated to our raffle - worth £25!

a spaghetti dinner and a whole packet of pistachios

Michael's boxes!

mm last nights lasagne, made by a boy from Germany, best lasagne ever!

How was your week? did you get up to much? I'd love to know :) 
Oh also, it's my friend Tom's birthday today and he's just discovered my blog so I think he'd appreciate a little shout out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM YOU OLD MAN.