Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekly Roundup #26

Super busy this week, I feel like I've only had time to sit down 15 mins before I get to bed which is incredibly draining. I'm hoping to have a bit more of  a relaxed week which should be achievable seen as valentines is out of the way - the Armed Force Awareness Society that I am sponsorship and fundraising officer for had an auction event in honor of Help for Heroes so it was all go go go. We managed to raise over £450 which is a very lovely sum for our first proper event :) I hope the rest of them go as good!

helping out on a psychology/blood sugar study

mm malt
from snow to the loveliest days this week
amazing breakfast date with Grace
Lunch with Gem
Harriet's latest concert
Kate's floating head aha

I'm catching up on the Black Mirror series, because I caught the first one of the second series and was intrigued. Have any of you watched it? what are your thoughts? I am enjoying it so far. My sister is back in hospital because of her bloody appendix again and I'm very upset with the hospital for not removing it already, I hope she gets sorted out soon, so much love for her <3 <3

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  1. Lovely little catch up! I just got instagram myself for the soul purpose of being able to do these little catch ups :)

    I hope you are well love, take care :) x