Thursday, 28 February 2013

Every where we go we feel like we're strangers

So yesterday Theana and I took a walk into town after all my meetings were finished because I really needed a new pair of shoes (my others have holes in them and I'm gona be traipsing around London next week). I ideally wanted a really sturdy pair of black pumps that were comfy and perhaps even slightly cushioned. I did in fact find a pair (if anyone wants to donate these to me I wouldn't be upset), they were heavenly - cushioned pad and the leather felt like it was hugging my feet, but alas, they were out of my budget. Instead I picked up these cheap and cheerful shoes from the New Look sale for £7. They aren't quite the sturdy-comfy bad boys I was after, but gosh darn are they cute! I haven't decided if I'm going to leave the straps on them yet or if I will take them off, but it's all options! 

I don't think it's the best ideas to traipse around London in them so I might buy some cushioned insoles or something to soften the blow :)

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