Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rust & Birds

This is a dress I've had for a little while and I'm puzzled as to why I've never shared it before, but finally, the day is here. I love this dress, it's so soft, and when you twirl it makes you feel like a princess. I wasn't going to buy it because I wasn't sure about the shoulders, but after trying it on I was decided. I love the little birds all over it and I loveeee the colour, it makes me so happy. I got it in Republic during the sales :) it was one of those annoying purchases though, because the sales assistant accidentally left the tag on so I had to traipse allllll the way back in to town to get it sorted out! I personally think it needs a belt, the dress pulls itself in but I like the colour break.



I'm off to meet a friend for lunch today and perhaps go charity shop shopping, do you have anything nice planned? I hope you have a lovely day :)