Monday, 25 February 2013

Weekly Roundup #27

Another busy busy week! One of the societies I am a part of has a big training recruitment and the training is happening both weekends so there's been training for the trainers, training for the supervisors and training of the new trainees. Not to mention the normal reading, presentation making, literature review reading and typing, paid work, subwarden work AND the other society work. Tad full on right now but if I'm not doing something all the time now I get a little bored, so it's for the best :) I don't think I've told you yet but for lent I've given up chocolate, sweets, biscuits/cookies and cakes. It doesn't leave much I have to admit, but it's going well so far. I never thought chocolate would be so hard but it really really is. I've never broken lent before and I know I won't this year, but I wish I would, aha.

I'm really missing home and Michael at the moment. Michael and I are going to London next week which will be amazing, because I haven't seen him in far too long (not to mention I can properly let my hair down now my lit review draft is done, and London in general is amazing!). Whenever I speak to my sister and hear about my niece I get a little bit sad because it's always such wonderful stuff that I'm missing! But I will soon be home for a long time, and I will soak her up then :)

we had some absolutely lovely weather last week that I wish would return! 
I even wore skin coloured tights!

I did galaxy nails again this week

egg and bacon scramble = best way to spend a morning

My friend and I decided to have a sleep over the other evening and he brought his colouring pack and pencils, look at the creations I made! aha. I forgot how fun colouring is. 


I can't help but buy the boy presents when I know how much he'll love them, I like his happy face.
and also the one that's shocked by how well I know him, that ones a good'un.

I think my boss and I are addicted to sushi. It's becoming such a habit.

and also this burger, bacon cheese and onion rings? what more could you want?!

My moma sent a package up today, so I think I might show you that tomorrow :) how's the start of your week been? Any big plans for the rest of it? I'm on duty tonight, so lets hope the students behave themselves!

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