Saturday, 28 April 2012

Busy busy bee

I was looking in the garden when I was home the other day, and I discovered the sweetest bee was stuck in a pot full of water! I wasn't sure if it was dead or not so I quickly scooped it out (with a utensil - I know not to touch it cause it's sting might be out). He was actually quite big and I sat with him for a while because my cat was skulking around and I didn't trust his greedy tummy!
Here's the little fella;

 as you can see it was a really sunny day - having taken A Level photography I refuse to put my camera on auto settings and so I had to adjust the F number and shutter speed quite frequently when the sun went behind the clouds etc

 I was sad that he took so long to dry off and get back to normal but definitely took advantage of the fact that he let me take photos for so long and so close to him
 I think he knew we were friends really.

Yes Zinc I can see you, you menace.