Friday, 20 April 2012

I was wrong

I've been browsing photos of people I know who graduated last year to decide if black was really the right colour with the gown. After some consideration black is not at the right colour, it looks very drab and bland, because the cloak itself is black. Black patterned is okay but white, is even nicer! But, it needs to have a V-neck collar or strapless. so here are some new considerations;


both asos

both boohoo

Not quite white but SO beautiful

It's a lot harder to find white dresses so it's a good job I've still got a fair bit of time!


  1. I agree, white looks a lot better! I was looking into the very same thing a few weeks ago however, and found this: "What do I wear under my Academic Dress?
    It is advised that men wear a dark suit or jacket and trousers; women a dark skirt or trouser suit, dress or skirt. It is recommended that ladies wear a buttoned blouse to secure their hood. " boo!

    1. What's wrong with that? Skirt, trousers or dress with a button. or, if you don't have a button.. use a safety pin. There are many ways around it!

  2. I like number 2 and then the final 2. I have no idea what I will wear, its so scary you have to start thinking about it! xxx