Tuesday, 17 April 2012

We're going on an egg hunt..

I can't remember if I already mentioned that when I was at uni Michael and I were discussing egg hunts at Easter. Michael said he'd organise one for me, because he broke up first to have the time to prepare one.. and boy was I spoilt!

Here's where it started, as I was walking down the stairs I found two notes and got handed a torch. 

'let the games begin, it's quite warm in here...'
my first thought was the airing cupboard as that's in his room, but no. Then I thought jumpers/coats, and then I realised.. the oven!

'I'm really cold now..' well that one was easy, the freezer!

'quite windy out here..' but luckily it wasn't that windy really :p

did have to steal his slippers though, because I left my shoes upstairs and DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GO BACK UP ha

'feel like I'm trapped in a cage' - his sister has guinea pigs, so I wonder where the next ones are!

Inside the cage! 'Jackpot!!! but lets go watch some TV', err.. big clue there. 

'up the stairs we go'

1st note..


and the only one with a clue on ha

In the bath, there wasn't even an egg!!
I'd recently helped sort through all of Michael's clothes and made a pile that 'felt like football shirts'

'time for bed' - hmm, I wonder.. 

Haha, an appropriate end note. 

Look at my haul!

Well and truly spoiled this Easter :)