Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ohhh you guys made me eek!

For Michael's brothers birthday, his family went out for a fancy meal and I got invited too!
We went to a place called Zucca's on the Barbican, Plymouth which was very Italian. A range of starters were had including caesar salad, crispy squid (Michael and myself), beef carpaccio, salmon fishcakes and scallops on a chili jam with cauliflower puree. I didn't get a photo of my squid because I didn't want to see rude but it was served on this slate-plate with a fancy splodge of garlic mayonnaise.

For mains there were; scallop and bacon risotto, fillet steak, chorizo penne pasta, pizza, crab linguine and what I had - scallops with squid ink spaghetti. It was, amazing. The scallops were cooked to perfection, the spaghetti had an interesting but not overpowering flavour, and the capers were a lovely addition. I didn't get a snap at the beginning, but I did manage to get one before I passed it round for everyone to try.

For dessert, most people had doughnut sticks with honey, pine nuts and a chocolate dip. There was also limoncello and polenta cake and I had the orange and mascarpone tart with burnt sugar, pineapple and raspberries with pineapple ice cream and a biscuit. It was amazing.

I wouldn't have chosen any of my dishes differently and I had a really great time! I'd advise people to go there if they'd like to try new things and experiment.

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