Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I mustache you a question..

Ha I love it when I can get a cheesy post name in.

So I first saw this lovely ring set on this blog, and quickly fell inlove. I found it on Topshop online but haven't been into town since. I discussed it with my friend Faye and she said she saw something similar in Matalans. Well, after that I had completely forgotten about it.

I went to matalans today to see if there were any pretty summer skirts, and what do I find?! The ring set!! I also stumbled upon this beautiful crown ring, that has been on my desktop want list/pinterest/etsy list for AGES. It was like someone had seen my want list and made sure it was fulfilled, and for that I am thankful!
Glasses, nose and mustache ha

crown ring

I'll get better photos in an outfit post :)

I am also really touched at how many of my friends are supportive. I received an email today that stated I had been accepted onto a masters degree (conditionally), I updated my facebook in the excitement and 53 people have liked it. I know I have a lot of friends from different parts of my life, but it's amazing to look through the list and see everyone that's pleased for you. Now that isn't me bragging or anything, I'm honestly touched by it.

Update on the top situation - I made another 3 today so that's a total of 5! 1 was a scarf that I liked the pattern of but as the material was a square I've had to make it into a crop top, lovely none the less :) excited to share them with you too! Here are two of the new materials I have used. The flowery one is already made and the cubed one is in progress - I'm being a bit wimpy as the material is slippy and I'd like more of mums help ha.

I also started my dissertation today and got to 730/7,500. Not bad going at all, I'm quite pleased!

Have you had a productive day?

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