Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What I wore: donations

So this is my new dress. No I have not been spending any money, Theana gave it to me! She said she didn't like it and she thought she'd check with me before she threw it out. I welcomed it with open arms! I said 'what don't you like?, she said 'the buttons.' I offered to change them for her, but she was not up for it. I examined the material and said we could make a top out of it, but then I tried it on and fell in love. I'm even wearing it on my first day back to work today.  

Ah, so lovely it hurts. 

The sleeves are meant to be long, past the elbow, but I prefer them this short. Makes it easier to wear cardigans too. Sorry about the cropped photos - uber messy room either side ha. 

I can almost guarantee I'm having a stressful day back at work, but I hope yours is going a lot better!

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  1. Love the new dress - really suits you - thanks Theana!!!