Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Kitty Cat

I stayed at my sisters for the Easter weekend and had lots of cuddles with her cat! His name is Mr Tibbs and I love him more than she does..

He loves cuddles and attention... 

as well as having something to hide under.. he even gets under the covers of a bed!

 I what'sapp'd these photo's to my housemates because he's just so cute, 

and they sent me back theirs.. we got into a bit of a competition, ha.  

He's just beautiful, poses like a model and has dreamy eyes

And he gives loving cuddles

he sits in the most awkward places - he actually punched in the face and his whiskers kept getting in my eye.

But he is still adorable and I love him a lot.


  1. Awww. Mr Tibbs sounds like a wonderful cat, your sister is very lucky. :)

    1. Agreed. But I'm gona steal him one day xx

  2. Haha!!
    Love that he punched you in the face. He's always doing weird things. Last night he was in hyper mood and he would come and scratch near me, I would say TIBBS! he would run off and peer around the stairs like come get me then, so I chased him and he would fly off only to come back doing it again a few minutes later. Loser cat.