Saturday, 21 April 2012

What I wore: Just call me Jack Sparrow

So this is the crop top I mentioned... I saw a scarf I really liked and decided I'd make a top out of it. as it was a square scarf it had to be a crop top but that's okay, I like to mix things up a bit ;)
Please 'scuse the pink leopard print, they're my jammies ha

pretty sparrows

It's lovely and I can't wait to go out and wear it, I'm thinking shorts or a high waisted skirt!
(as you can see my straighteners are skill broken :( )

On a side note- I am a big fruit tea fan, I like all kinds of things and I'm willing to try most of them if I haven't before, but I'm sat here with a Chai Latte and I just can't bear to take another sip. How do people drink these?!? Bleh, definitely off my list.

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