Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hair Care

Michael took me into town recently to buy his brother's birthday present. While we did buy one present I spent a LONG time browsing hair care products. I spent way too long in there. I'd feel bad on myself if it was just me for the amount of time I spent looking but it wasn't, poor old Michael had to endure it too.

So, I was looking for a hair oil; I've used serums in the past and I like them, but they always feel a bit too much. Emma writes about oils a lot and has recommended a couple, as has Lyzi. Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on hair care at the moment, so I thought I'd take full advantage of this!

I chose one from John Freida's range as Lyzi was impressed, and I have to admit that I got all the oils/serums and chose the best smelling one - I love it when my hair smells nice!

Next, as my hair is quite long and I only really trust one lady with my hair, it needs treatment in between cuts. I don't usually do too much - I condition every time I wash my hair, I use heat protection spray, I only back comb once a week max and I don't actually use heat on my hair that often (Especially now my straighteners are broken :'( ). I still decided on this hair mask by Trevor Sorbie, again, because it smelt nice. I can't wait to use it, I don't need to wash my hair but I want to just so I can have beautiful smelling hair! If you've looked at this product you'll know it's for blonde hair, and if you look at me, you'll know I'm a brunette. I chose the blonde one anyways because I'd like my hair to be a bit lighter and, while I don't think this treatment will do that, I don't want the brunette one to darken it either. 

Lastly, I decide upon some salt spray. I am lucky because my hair is naturally wavy (if I spend time on it when I get out of the shower), however I tend not to do this because I am lazy and it just goes frizzy. Whilst I've got some time off over Easter I'm going to see how easy this Charles Worthington rough and tousled salt spray makes things, and go from there!

as you can see, the label at the side is lifted. this really bothered me in the shop and I tried to look for one without the label lifted but there wasn't one. hmph. when I got home and read the can, it said there are hair industry secrets underneath the label and everything became clear! 

So yes, I have already used to oil and it is lovely, smells so good and tames my hair. I can't wait to use the others! Have you tried any of these? what are your favourites?


  1. Let me know what the oil is like - a lady from work swears by it! <3 xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hmm it's okay... if you put too much on your hands it can make your hair look really greasy, but it is good in small doses to tame :) xxx