Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Midtown Grill

So, as a farewell (and because Theana has this ace money-off card), Theana and I went for a meal. It was uh-mazing! We read reviews before we went and tried to browse the menu, however, we couldn't find one. We went anyways and it was definitely not a wasted journey!!

We both had the mixed grill, with chips and onion rings.

Flowers for Theana's new flat for housewarming :)

Me and fee in the lift, no I have never had dimples in my life!

Theana with the menu at Midtown 

me and the menu

Special Great British Menu.. Menu

Our place setting

Theana inside

The decor

Bread that came before the meal


Our meal; tomato, steak, mushroom, black pudding, gammon, egg, and lamb cutlet

sides of chips and onion rings

Theana tucking in and all our food 

free dessert - your own flame with marshmellows and chocolate, AMAZING

Theana cooking away

me cooking away

We saved so much money!

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone - there's a huge variety from fish to meat to salads, you'll be well eaten and you'll get free marshmallows just for the ride. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of food shows, and I finally understood today how exciting it is for your food to be brought to your table and for it to be interactive. It's tonnes of fun, even if it's just marshmallows. The waitress was the loveliest girl, with the nicest accent that I kept having to bite my lip over as I really wanted to know where she was from. She was very explanatory when I asked who's idea the fondu was and it was clear she was vested in the place, even if it was just a job on the side. Overall, a 5 star review. Definitely try it if you get the chance (but take a taste card so you get lots of money off!)

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