Friday, 1 June 2012

oh my life.

I know you don't come here to hear me rant about my life, but I just need to for a second. I have court reports coming out of my ears, a dissertation that was finally handed in today, a portfolio and cases to wrap up and transfer on top of a couple of new things to help out a friend. I juggled all of that well until my car broke and I had to depend on other people. After that, I knew enough was enough and I couldn't take anymore. Stacey, can you do this? No not right now, you'll have to ask me next week.

but that's good. That means I know when I've reached my limit. That means I can say no, that I'm not a doormat. But I do look forward to a better time when I can help others out again, I don't enjoy saying no.

I got in from work at 10pm this evening because I was called out on an emergency, and you know what all I want to do is?

sit, be calm, have time to myself to re-cooperate and just reflect. and perhaps eat a double chocolate biscuit dipped in chocolate. if I must.

So please bear with me, I'll perk up a bit soon

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  1. Try this ... its awesome. I couldn't eat a whole one though xx