Monday, 18 June 2012

What I wore: navy stripes

Super lucky me, I got another dress from Theana! As we're both going our seperate ways (in terms of housing not friendship!) we're having clear outs. I have adopted this lovely little number and it has been welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms.

It needs some sort of belt tightener around the waist as it doesn't pull me in as much as I'd like

Going to dye my hair tonight (after Theana and I have a farewell date) so take a goooooooooood look now :) 

these are my nails at the moment - they've got this rimmel matte stuff over the top to give a cooooool finish!

are you up to anything good?


  1. What colour are you dying your hair??

    1. just dark auburn again, nothing you guys like :P xx