Friday, 29 June 2012

photo an hour #3

So, here's the third in the series of photo's into my day. I've gained some new readers recently so I'd just like to say a quick hello to you! It's lovely to have you stop by :)

9am, waking up

10am, sorting out my room, this is just half of one third of my clothes

11am, driving to a nice cafe for lunch 

12pm, leek and potato soup 

1pm, feeding baby geese 

2pm, playing with the kitty 

3pm, popping out to mums 

4pm, some craft

5pm, spag bol for tea at mums 

6pm, baking some afters 

After we ate the biscuits, we continued on with crafting and having a natter, then I drove home and had a shower. It's been a lovely relaxed day that I'm savoring as I'll be starting work soon and will have no time to myself! Have you been busy?

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