Friday, 22 June 2012

Darling it's a cold game, in this world we're living in

I don't know if I mentioned to you that poopy Michael had to go to Canada on final ex the other day, so he won't be around when I get back for summer which sucks! But he sent me his address last night and I got onto sending it, pronto. I actually woke up thinking it was Saturday so I had most of it sorted before 11 thinking I'd have to get to the post office before 1230, then I realised it was Friday and thought about what I actually wanted to send and gave it a bit of order.

The finished product was a bit of a shambles and he's gona think I was on crack when he receives it but I can assure you all I was not haha. 

I also went to see my friend and her 3 month old this afternoon, her baby is beautiful and she's just such a natural mum and so confident, mega big points to her!! Looking forward to the christening :)

How do you feel about snail mail? Do you still use it? Or has the price increase put you off? I think it has for me in some areas but when it's the only way I can communicate with Michael, I'd probably pay anything. 

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