Friday, 15 June 2012


THAT'S IT! Today, I finished my degree. I handed in my portfolio, gave my feedback and suggestions, read my exam, got my essay's back and there we have it. done. done done done done done. I know everyone says it but 3 years has literally flown by and I am so glad I have another so I don't have to think about the scary real world yet..

So, here's a photo time line to show my growth ha.

Last day of Sixth Form

First Year

Flatmates and Gemma from First Year

First year funtimes, headphone disco

The Jackson Five

Cheer socials 
the first carnage

Trip to Liverpool for a passport

Cheerleading tour

Random House Parties

Lupton Times

Where's Wally?

BBQ times

THAT Otley Run

Summer in Bournemouth

my 19th

2nd Year


many predrinks were had in this kitchen

cheer initiations

girls night

visiting Helen

Halloween take one

Halloween take two

Playing in the snow

Christmas Dinner

Midnight McD's

Cheer matches

Nights out

Theana's 20th

After Exams

Dani's friends visiting


Childhood Otley run (spider in the bath and the borrowers)

The Dance Show and my Discovery

BBQ times

Cheer tour number two

Flower Parade

Moma visiting

Harriet's birthday

Summer Ball

First time I dyed my hair auburn

Travelling; Singapore and Indonesia

3rd Year

Alyna's birthday

Birthday Bouncy Castle 

Celtics performance

Placement Ladies

pre-drinks twister

one of Michael's visits

More Cheer Initiations

Sam's toga 21st

Christmas Meal

New Lipstick with Nan

New Year

Theana's 21st

Tom's visit

Dani's friends visiting

Trip to see Harriet in Manc

Lunch dates with friends

Rachael's 21st

Harry Potter World

Night Out

More Twister times

Summer Ball

This post is so long but that's a snippet of what I've got to show for these three years, and I couldn't possibly ask for more. I appreciate everyone that's been a part of my experience, definitely once in a lifetime.


  1. well that saves me doing a book up for your 21st!! I am so glad that you have had all this fun and have all these happy memories, I'm also glad you got through all the not so great bits and put them to one side - you're brilliant!! love you millions Moma x x

    1. ha no it doesnt, and I bet you haven't seen half of those photos so I've done you a favour! xx