Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rosti ride

So last year when my friends and I went to Red Hot Worl Buffet, we experimented with making our own Rosti's. I fancied roast veg tonight but I was too hungry to wait, so instead, I made Rosti's! The recipe is so simple.

1 potato,
salt, pepper, mixed herbs, garlic, onion

Peel and grate the potato, use a tea towel to get rid of any excess water. Mix all the ingredients together.

Put some olive oil in a frying pan, warm to a medium heat. Add a pile of the potato mix and flatten so it's spread out but not to the point where there are gaps. Cook for 3-4 mins and flip to cook the other side.

  I just had mine with some sausages and it was soo good! 

There are some Pakistani treats I got from a local shop, pretty much pure sugar but sooo good also

How's your weekend going?

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