Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crushed Berry Tea

I am a very big fan of fruit and flavoured teas and I foolishly moved some of my belongings before I actually moved out so I have nothing good to drink. I do, however, have lots of frozen berries in my freezer that I didn't get round to making into smoothies.

Berries in the pestle and mortar - mine were black and blue
(note: you don't need to use a pestle and mortar it was simply the cleanest way I could think of)

Crush them up, if they're a little firm add a teaspoon of the boiled water

I personally liked to add a couple frozen ones at the end :) 

I'm really enjoying it but it could be my cold's fault for that ha. It's not one for those who don't like bits in their tea (Natalie, I mean you), but I'm going to certainly try more variations; I'm thinking some cinnamon or perhaps a clove with different berry combinations... how exciting! Have you ever tried anything like this?