Monday, 15 October 2012

A Late Weekly Roundup #12

Michael's up this weekend and thrown everyyyyyyyyything off. as usual, butthead. Friday we went to an AMAZING meat restaurant - bbq'd meat is our fave, check it out here. Saturday we went to the Royal Armouries and then had a rather long flat discussion, leftover BBQ meat for tea and watched films. Sunday we got up super early to head to Alton Towers for Halloween! Today, Michael is still here but I have got a fair amount of work done so we are rewarding me with another film.

Here's what I did for the rest of the week;


I found doors I wanted to go through, and wondered why I didn't have any nail varnish on that toe

dropped my biscuit on my desk :(

found a new hobby, painting my nails and reading

ate sushi

more beautiful doors and iced tea

ate wings with friends

bbq had lots of sauces

they lost our order so we got free nachos

we both had the ribs and wings combo

so many guns and knives in the armouries


fewf. Long post. Hope your weeks started well!

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