Monday, 1 October 2012

Recent Purchases

My reliable year-old leather pumps from New Look have finally packed it in, I can't feel sad because they have served me oh so well and I wore them religiously over summer. I also don't remember the last time I bought flats. So meet my new pumps, black, reliable, plain and  most importantly, leather. purchased here.

Over summer I kept meaning to buy new earrings for my rook/tragus and I've just been putting it off so I finally pulled my finger out and purchased these beautys

I have just been using labret bars on my tragus and that works fine but the earring is much too bulky, and in my rook I've just put a normal bent earring but it keeps falling out and it drives me crazy, so I thought I'd try a nose stud instead. Pretty weird purchases to be honest but they were necessary ones! 

I'd also like some warm layered jumpers for autumn, but alas, this is as far as my purchases have gone and the rest is just a dream (e.g....

Bar the first spots/stripes image all photo's link back to their original sites.

What are your must haves for autumn?

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