Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What I wore: Spots and Stripes

I was really inspired by this photo in my last post

that I analysed all my clothes to see what I could pull together. Here is what I produced..

I'm still finding my feet of taking pictures in this room because I don't have a shelf/anything near the plain white wall so I'm balancing lots of objects as a camera stand which isn't the best and as you can see, gives me lopsided photo's. hmph. My hair is also an odd colour, Brassy almost. But it works well enough for me! I had another surprise parcel today, so lucky :)


  1. SO what was in the parcel then ????

    1. Sorry moma it was a surprise parcel from Michael, although James said he's put 3 packages in my room so hopefully one of those is yours! xx