Saturday, 27 October 2012


I've made no mistake of telling you guys that I love Halloween, because I really do. But this year, because I have a commitment in the evening, I'm not able to go out and get drunk (I'm not a fan of that on Halloween anyways but I also don't know of any house parties) so instead, I will be dressing up alllllllll day long! I've decided to be a pumpkin this year :) and my outfit is rather simple.

First, buy a plain orange top, I got mine from here.

then draw the pattern/face you'd like on the top.

 I chose to cut mine out as I'm wearing a tight black dress underneath, but I think it'd be better if you could get a black marker and colour it in as I have a couple of flappy bits. That said I am very much looking forward to wearing it out all day (to work too!) even though my friends said it wouldn't be socially acceptable. Do you have any tips to stabilize the flappy parts? I considered sewing them together but that'd mean the mouth had string in it and I'm not sure if that's the effect I'm going for. Will have to play around!


  1. glue them to the top? iron on adhesive would make it easy? or add a black piece in behind - bit faffy just for the day tho. xx

  2. Hmm the dress is too nice to just stick it to :| I'm not sure what I'll do :(xx