Tuesday, 9 October 2012


You probably might not know that I.... love halloween. It's borderline obsession. and I don't know where it came from. I think it's because some people aren't sure about it, so I love it extra more so it doesn't feel bad. that and the fact I can do whatever I want because most people aren't bothered. There's no pressure with Halloween, it's like a best friend; you could sit in and watch a scary movie, or you could dress up and cover yourself in blood and have a whale of time. and also, there's always sweets on Halloween, and I love sweets.

So this year Michael and I are going to alton towers (a little early but it's) something I've wanted to do for agessssss.. before I left for Uni my sister, her husband and his friend (no it wasn't some creepy set up) went to a little local theme park and that was uber fun - they had a werewolf alley, and you had to go through this tunnel and be scared etc. But alton towers, that's such a bigger scale. Here is what they're putting on offer, and you'd best believe we're going for all the extra's! and I'd definitely love to do this one year.

So anyways, as Halloween is really only on one day like Christmas is, but you celebrate and decorate almost the whole of December, it's my tradition to do that for Halloween! I'm happy to share with you my new Halloween decor (please don't get your hopes up it's only little ha)

I started off small with my sequins on my laptop

then that expanded to my shelves

my wholeee shelves

more shelves and down the side of my mirror

and this guy, above, he keeps scaring me! That spider looks so real in the dark! and there's another one on the left hand side that also makes me jump. The little devil. 

I used sequins from Wilkinsons - a huge old pack of 6 different sequins for £1! brilliant.
What do you like doing for Halloween?

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