Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oh Nigella.

So I was watching Nigellissima on Saturday and there was a recipe that I wanted to try as soon as she said it! My mum likes to host dinners with friends and once previously she had made a pepper dish with anchovies. from then on I wanted to try anchovies again, but needed a recipe too. So here is Nigella's original recipe, but I made many adaptations - no pine nuts, no cheese, brown spaghetti, black olives, no parsley, and only lemon juice no rind.

The outcome was alright - not brilliant - but that's because I've got the hang of pasta portion sizes, but not adapting recipes for a single dinner. There was far too much flavour for my little portion of pasta which was kind of annoying because it would have been brilliant otherwise!

so, group your ingredients

 put your pasta on to boil

whilst that's boiling, chop the garlic, olives and anchovies

as the recipe said to mix them all in a blender, I thought I should pound them in the pestle and mortar for a bit

The pasta was then ready, so I drained it and popped the sauce on (remember to leave a bit of the starchy water in the saucepan)

mixed it in, serve and enjoy :)

Let me know if you try the recipe out!

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