Friday, 1 March 2013

It's got to be real

Good old Cheryl Lynn. It definitely makes my day when I walk out the house and this is the first song of the shuffle list. You know it's gona be a pretty sweet day! So I've just found something incredible that I want to share with you, well if I'm honest, Kaylah shared it first but it needs to be shared even more!

Daily Dishonesty was created by Lauren, who thinks up, writes, draws and creates these wonderful images that I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to (I think there was only one I was like er...) take a look and see what you think, but here are some of my favourites. They're basically funny fibs we tell ourselves

Too too funny, I hope you find some you enjoy too!


  1. Aw these are wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  2. Just 10 more minutes - you when you were little and did not want the day to end and me on pinterest!!