Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bye Bye Bye

Just sing N-Sync whilst you're reading this post, hence the title! As I mentioned yesterday, Michael is deploying to Afghanistan tonight/tomorrow morning. It's come around really quick but we've done so much stuff this past week he definitely won't be forgetting us anytime soon ;)

This week I got home from uni on Wednesday (after a long long 9 hour drive because my car was misbehaving, as was the traffic), Michael helped me unpack my car and then let me sleep off my journey. On Thursday Michael, his family and I went to the Eden Project which was lovely - his parents have never been and it's grown so much since the last time I was there, although I have to say I was gutted we couldn't walk in the tree tops. Think another visit will definitely be necessary! We had a yummy lunch and then came back to hang out with my sister and niece (who is SO much huger than when I left her, she's also adorabley chubby and cheeky - a real pleasure to hang out with). Belle loved Michael so much - if she wasn't sat with him she was looking at him, and when she was sat with him she was playing and loving it! Walking back over the Tamar Bridge I realised I had a migraine coming and even though I was supposed to go out for dinner with Michael's family, I had to go home and sleep it off :( Michael said he ate enough lamb for the both of us, and I am even more sad about my migraine because I bloody love lamb!

On the Friday we took a drive to Looe, a local tourist seaside town and we played on the 2p/5p machines until we'd run out of money (best thing to do in my opinion). We then went for lunch, had a ridiculous amount of tea (as always), a delicious panini, followed by an ice cream. mmmm. It absolutely hammered it down though so we couldn't take a wander along the shore, and had to eat it in the car instead, which was actually quite good because we had lots of time to talk over some things :)

Friday night we went out in town with Michael's friends; we started with pre drinks at his (lots of card games and dirty pints later..) we went to town. I, with a poor effort, went home before Michael, and woke up to texts from his cousin saying he had been taken home and that I'd need to 'nurture him back to health' tomorrow - he was not wrong. On the Saturday Michael had the hangover from hell, and we spent the day in bed napping and watching films (our kind of day to be honest, it is certainly what we do best). On the Saturday night he had to put his best happy face on (only because he was still so hungover) and we had a gathering with all of his family. There was food, games of skittles, jenga and drinking (not for Michael though ha) - I actually won one game of the skittles which was a nice surprise :) It was really nice to meet, spend time and see him with all of his family, he's such a family man.

I stayed over on the Saturday night for some much needed TLC and chats (I've mentioned before that we do our best talking before we sleep), and I actually managed to sleep! (his house is usually ridiculously hot). On the Sunday we exchanged some pre-written letters and said our goodbyes. I was so good and composed until he'd actually dropped me off.. when I burst into huge sobs and couldn't stop myself. He then asked if he could come back, you see.. Michael's never seen me cry before but has waited so patiently for the day, so of course I let him come back for a final hug. We had a little cry and then off he went again.

We took some photos on the Saturday on his tablet, just so he had some when he was out there;

I'm gona miss this boy silly amounts, we talk all day every day and we hang out at every chance we get.. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself for the next 6 months but I know it won't be half as good as if he was here. I've said everything he needs to know, and anything I could think of to say to him, so I will leave it here. Swift and Bold. I love you, boy. 

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