Friday, 22 March 2013

Every other word is uh huh, yeah okay

I told my sister that I'd stuffed some peppers for dinner the other night, and hip hip hooray she asked me what to do.. that means I have an excuse to share ANOTHER recipe with you (I know, going all out this week). The ingredient list for this can vary depending on what you have - surprise surprise, another 'what ever you have in the cupboards/fridge is suitable' dish (my specialty).

This time round I used (Musts):
2 red or orange peppers (you're gona eat the whole thing so choose your favourite flavour)
olive oil
rice or couscous, cooked in stock (I would use couscous but I only had rice so had to go with that)
salt and pepper
salad leaves (I forgot to add mine but really wish I had)
butternut squash
chickpeas or beans
herbs - basil/oregano

First of all, put your rice/couscous on to boil, cut the top of the pepper (nicely, you will be using it as a lid), core it, drizzle with oil and pop in the oven until you're ready (low-to-medium heat). Something to bear in mind with the peppers is that they need to stand so perhaps buy a better standing one, if not, you can always slice a little bit off of the bottom just to promote standing a bit more!

Next, start chopping up all the veggies you've chosen, and fry them off in a bit of oil

once these are cooked, add in the rice and stir it all up.

check on the peppers, if they're half cooked then get them out of the oven and start to stuff them. I add one slice of cheese to the bottom (Broken up) and one to the top (again broken up)

Pop the lids on and return to the oven

As you can see we had ours with sausages, I was also thinking we could have had them with falafel but dad wasn't game for that haha. Depending on the size of the pepper you don't get that much rice so pop some more on your plate if you feel like it :)

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