Saturday, 23 March 2013

If I could erase the debt, maybe you'd feel the same

Just when the weather turns awful my hair decides to be perfect and feel lovely.. great! I am clutching my hood like there's a hurricane out there. Today I'm sharing a lovely jumper that my nan knitted for me for Christmas. Her sister (my great aunt) knitted me this one, and then nagged my nan to knit me one too (who am I to argue about getting all these lovely jumpers?!). Nan didn't try it on as she was knitting it and the arms are a fair bit too long (the jumper actually fits perfectly on Michael, however, I'm a lot smaller than him.. haha) so I have to roll them up a little. It reminds me of a smock top and I actually love the sleeves rolled, it makes me feel like a mini-person trying on giant clothes ha! I also think it fits quite well with the galaxy-patterned material that's out at the moment, which I'm yet to indulge in (but really wish I could!)

It's so cosy and warm perfect for this...spring weather. Yeah, I'm not quite believing it either. I am lucky to be back down South though, because my friends at uni are stuck in the snow.. so glad I'm not there to deal with it, too much of a Southern fairy for all that. I think (if schedules work out in my favour) I will be on a beach-clean with Tom today (Hi Tom!).. which should hopefully be a rewarding experience! I usually give back to people rather than nature, so it's nice to try that out for a bit :)

p.s. I had my first call today, he sounds no different but he has a cold.. only he could get a cold in Afghanistan!! 

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