Saturday, 9 March 2013

London 2013, Part One.

It's been over a week since I last posted, what a bad blogger I am! I just hope it hints at how busy I have been... So Michael and I got back from London yesterday, and of course we had a lovely time. There are far too many photo's to share so there will be a couple of posts about the trip :)

On Tuesday, after my lecture, I hopped onto a train and headed south. I met Michael at the tube station and we got a tube to China town as I was craving chow mein! After dinner we took a walk around China Town (looking for a sweet shop we'd found once before) and found a place that sold bubble tea! My London-born housemate insisted we tried one the last time we visited but we couldn't find them, so this time it was certain we needed to try it.

it was nice to leave fog behind!
 my chow mein was amazing


I had the one on the left, mango blended with milk, and Michael had a lychee juice one

(I've put a page break in because this is going to be one longggggg post, but please keep reading!)

After the food fun we went back to the Hotel because we were tired from travelling. The next day we decided to do all the museums! My favourite. Our hotel came with a free continental breakfast and free wi-fi (such a good deal, and in South Kensington too!) I had toast/cheese toast both mornings.

Michael ont tube - Haz says I wasn't allowed to take these, I didn't know!
in the science museum, there was this exhibit - it was all about social media and anything that any one person was saying at that time. I liked it because it changed everytime it restarted. Probably my favourite piece there.

We then moved on to the Natural History Museum - my favourite, I could live in here!
Especially because the food was incredible- best salad I've eaten in a long long time
(like the old married couple we are, he had the sandwich and I had the salad aha)

I love the bricks and general architecture in here, so dreamy.
I didn't take many more photo's in here because we did that last time and as fun as it is - I don't need doubles on my little hard drive! So we then moved on to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I can't say I was disappointed with this museum, because it is still beautiful. But I am much more of an Earth-nature kinda museum gal, and the stuff inside this one just didn't interest me at all.

Next we decided to browse Harrods. and oh boy was it a treat. I've always brushed it off as something I'm not interested in, but just to see how the other half live is INCREDIBLE. Also made me hate lent, so many goodies I wanted to try.

I wanted to try a macaroon, but having given chocolate up for lent and all the middle being chocolate ganache, it just was not meant to be. 

After feeling very jealous about Harrods, we took a break in Hyde Park and then had a walk around. Some other people were feeding squirrels and letting them take food from their hands, so they were very tame/social, but I still wouldn't do it. I know they can be mean mean things, so I wanted to stay well away until this little critter tried to make friends with me. He jumped up onto the bench, crawled on my coat and almost got in my pocket. Feeling uncomfortable, we moved to a bench further along the road to be left in peace!

We decided to make our way to dinner (we went for this groupon deal) and I only managed to photograph the free cocktails.. such a bad blogger! But they were tasty.

After dinner we returned to the hotel for a shower and a film, ready for the next days excitement! How are you guys doing? have you been up to anything good? I know my friend Tom's going on a date today and just in case he's checking before hand.. GOOD LUCK! :)


  1. I would love to live in Natural History Museum, too :) Maybe we should move in together :D