Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekly roundup #29

Happy Easter!! I am currently sat here eating a milk chocolate cookie.. I have more than missed these during lent. Did you give something up? How good is it to have again?! Jilian isn't going to be happy with me though..

It's been a week filled with working, writing essays, seeing my niece, missing Michael, good food (as always!), sorting things for my dissertation, going on freeeeeezing cold walks and seeing family (so a rather good one :p). I heard from Michael on Friday, and he's doing well - he sounds better when he's had a good dinner, typical boy, ha! Although he says 'okay I have one minute left' and we carry on and get cut off without a goodbye.. we're yet to have a goodbye.. oops. I went to his family home last night to visit his parents and siblings which was good, but it did make me miss him more.

my week started off with scones.. mmm

I then tried making falafels with my home bestie, Hollie. We were both impressed!
(and roast veg pesto pasta)

she brought neopolitan wafers for dessert, but we had to chop them in half because she didn't like strawberry and I couldn't have the chocolate! We spent the evening watching twilight :)

tea with mum on good Friday

Yesterday dad and I went to Hugh's river cottage canteen (review soon!)

then last night I went to my sisters where we burnt some excess wood!

and Easter Sunday.. so many goodies to tuck into! 
No Michael to make me an easter egg hunt though :(

I've got lots of uni work to do next week and an interview.. I reckon it'll end up being a quiet one, which is okay :) are you up to anything good?

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