Monday, 11 March 2013

Feast Food Festival

The trip Michael and I took to London luckily coincided with the Feast London food festival (see facebook here, and website here). We had no idea it was going to be there, we didn't plan for it to happen, but we are both quite big foodie's so it was really great to have the chance to go along! When we got to Tobacco Dock it was incredible to see the transformation - there were stalls, fires, heaters, music bands and such a variety food - there were two floors filled!

Obviously and importantly, we had a plan. Browse all the stalls on one quick walk around, decide what took our fancy the most and then go back to the appropriate stations. Michael started off with BBQ pulled pork.

I'm going to put a page break here as there are TONNES of photos but they're definitely worth it, read on...

I plumped for the buttermilk fried rabbit with black bean salsa

There were a couple of different music groups

decorations were lovely and there was a lot of steam from fresh cooking, there was a bar too

we next plumped for lamb shoulder that had been marinated and baked, in a burger, with jewelled coleslaw and a free chai tea - I know I'm not a fan of this but Michael enjoyed it!

we shared this bad boy but I think I'd have to say it was my favourite or second favourite of the night!
Next we went to get fried squid (a mutual fave) with lemon mayo from the Wright Brothers 
oyster shucking - that fresh!

I then decided I wanted to try a little slice of the Pate

Following the pate I plumped for some cauliflower and truffle soup. This is the first time I've had truffle and I LOVED it, I will definitely try it again. This little pot of love is either joint first or second for the evening.

Michael went for a beef? lamb? either and carrot pie

This little pot was also heaven, very tasty. 
Having eaten a fair bit at this point, we opted for something sweet to finish off the night. Michael had been anticipating a waffle but the pie took him over the edge and he didn't have enough room for one, so instead we went to the meringue station.. and it didn't disappoint.

I wanted to try a range of flavours so I got; Lavender, pistachio and rosewater, gin and tonic and raspberry. (with cream, ginger, pistachios, rhubarb and raspberries on top)

Michael went for vanilla and chocolate. How adventurous :p

Before leaving we thought we'd explore Tobacco Dock a little more and found this curious room..
Which housed three ping pong tables in the pitch black with neon colours to guide you.

Guess what this shop sells? Yeah, sausages and beer!

It was a really lovely place and a great experience, I wish I lived in an area where this happened more regularly/at all! I would definitely go to one again :) Have you ever been to one of these before? Do they do them where you're from?