Sunday, 10 March 2013

London 2013, part two

On the second day we woke up a bit later and headed off to Camden market. We wandered around the stalls and then decided to grab some food. It reminded me of Indonesian food halls where you could get whatever you wanted from a wide range of stalls, so handy AND tasty.

I had a mushroom pizza (cooked on the spot) and Michael had Chinese!

I don't know if you're getting this theme but animals in London are rather cheeky!

(quite a long post again so I'll let you escape now if you wish to)

we then got crepes, honey and lemon. I wanted a peanut butter one - is that not a thing? I want to try it.

we then took a tube to Trafalgar Square and had a wander

and then Covent Garden (which I remember visiting as a little'un)

we had lovely tea - everywhere does loose leaf tea which was quite a refreshing experience 


after tea we went for a wander on Oxford street and I bought a new pair of jeans! We then had an hour or so to spare and went for another drink/sit down - it was quite chilly so we appreciated being inside.

Our day didn't end here, we went on to the Food Festival at Tobacco Dock, but I'd like that to have it's own post so I shall finish this here :)


  1. How bizarre! Grandma used to have that tea pot!!

    1. I thought it seemed familiar, I just thought I'd spent too long on etsy!