Friday, 29 March 2013

Great Friday

My mum and I went to a little town for a browse and lovely lunch this good Friday. I bought a top, ribbon for my hair and a lovellllly dress! I'll share photos when I can upload them, but first I wanted to share something mum said that made me chuckle.

'Stacey. Whenever I read your blog and look at your photos I really do think should be the size of a house.'

Oh how I laughed, its true though, I do eat well. But I eat balanced and in moderation (unless Michaels tempting :p). I have always tended to follower the Londoners anti-diet (without realising that someone actually called it a diet, its just how I do things). Here's the full English I had ;)

I had a lovely day having a proper needed catch up with my mum, and now im just waiting around for Michael to call. I havent heard his voice in agessss, so itll make my Easter. Do you have any plans for Easter?

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