Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 3 of 30

So I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on Tuesday (who starts things on Tuesdays I hear you cry.. but I figured if I did not start now that's progress I would have missed waiting for the next Monday), and it's really going well.

Here's a really detailed eHow on the DVD - it goes into a lot more depth than I will.

I was hesitant when I first bought the DVD as it's more than I'd like to spend on such a novelty item (yeah, I don't usually stick to things like that), but waking up the next day after my first work out, I knew this was something different. I don't need to lose weight per se but I definitely need to tone up. I am so sick of my thighs touching! I know lots of peoples do, but I will consider it such a goal if I manage to tone those right up ready for the Festivals this summer. I chose this work out DVD because of exactly that - I'd like to tone up and lose a few inches, rather than pounds.

You do the work out once a day, everyday for 30 days (surprisingly!). Jillian offers three circuits of different intensity, so on the first day I started on the first level. This was definitely the right choice because I woke up SO SORE the next day, which made me vow to myself that I would do a little bit more of a cool down that Jillian proved - people complain about this in the reviews but I just consider it to be no sweat. The soreness definitely affected how intensely I worked out yesterday but I think as soon as I feel better again I will move up to level two, which is exciting!

I'm yet to find anything I dislike about Jillian's workouts (other than she makes me do push ups). But what I love about it, is a) that my arms are weak and she really makes me work on it, b) the circuits last for twenty minutes (not long at all) but you definitely know it's worked and then next time you do a work out it feels like it was only ten minutes this time, c) the exercises change (no, it's not a magical Harry Potter DVD that changes every time you play it..) what I mean is that you don't go from push ups to jumping jacks back to push ups, you're onto the next exercise so you don't get bored of the same thing over and over. I wonder if you should only do it for 30 days or if you could keep at it as your general work out?

I forgot to take my measurements so I'll do them today because my mum will have a tape measure, but I have taken some hideous before and after shots so they'll be wonderful to look back on haha! I won't update on this everyday, maybe just a couple of goal days or something. Have you ever done this challenge? would you consider it?

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