Monday, 22 April 2013

Day Trip 20/4/13

As I mentioned on Sunday, I went on a day trip with lots of friends on Saturday. We went to Ilkley/Skipton/Bolton Abbey, similar to the time Michael and I went exploring. It was a very long day, I met my Canadian friend Rosi at the bus stop and we caught the bus to Ilkley. Then we met up with lots of Rosi's Spanish friends (there were 12 of us in total), we explored Ilkley town a little bit, had a fish and chip lunch and then caught the bus to Bolton Abbey. The bus driver complimented my hair, which is always nice :)

The old Abbey has a functioning church attached to it, which was a nice touch. This Abbey also had better up-keep than the one in Kirkstall (you can see a recurring theme of my love for Abbey's...)

There was a nice touch in this one, because the river that was close by had stepping-stones to get across, as well as a bridge, luckily for me. 5 of our friends went across and only one fell in! (unfortunately it wasn't Rosi though :( )

I'm a huge fan of lovely doors, I think you see so many doors that are just plain and boring, so when you see an actual good one it kinda takes you back.

It was also great fun to explore the cemetery and see all the messages left for people. 

A photo of me in the grass (those Spaniards love to take HUNDREDS of photos)

After a game of Spanish dodge-ball (different rules) we walked back to get the bus. But someone read the timetable wrong, and we actually had to wait another hour and a half to get the right bus back to Ilkley. Then in Ilkley we had to wait another 40 minutes for a bus back to Leeds (ruining all my evening plans..) but it was all made right with a lovely cold pint.

It was a good day out, and nice to actually spend time in the sunshine with good company :)