Friday, 26 April 2013

Project Pan

As I mentioned in this post, I was considering starting a project pan. So here is the first project pan post! I have FOUR empties to start with, which I think is an impressive amount if I do say so myself.

Clearasil skin perfecting wash
It was fine, sometimes I just like a facewash that makes me feel like I'm washing my face. But that's about it, it didn't perfect my skin, or make it feel nice or glowy, it didn't really do anything and it didn't even smell nice.
Would I buy it again? no.

Lush's the olive branch shower gel
As a non-shower-gel fan, I was hesitant to use this, but I've actually blogged about it before. As I mentioned in that post, it smells amazing. really incredible, and the smell stays on your skin for a while afterwards. If I were into shower gel, I'd definitely buy it again, but seen as I'm not a fan and it's quite expensive, it'd have to be a no

GHD thermal protector 
I have had this forever. It was a freebie with my straighteners (which have actually broken they're so old). I'm talking 6-7 years. But that's because it's a good product, and I like to savour it. It smells okay, not amazing, but what I like is that it doesn't feel like it's too much for my very thin hair (I find some product just make it heavy and icky). 
Would I buy it again? probably, it's a good product. 
But it isn't a must have I'd rather put my feelers out and try something new I think. 

Re-Gen Cream
Again, I have blogged about this before, because it is an amazing cream! It really does improve little spot scars that I have on my face, I don't really use it anywhere else - just as a good heavy moisturiser. I cannot live without this cream, and I am gutted it is all gone but it had a very good run to say that I use it every evening. I am now trying to make my own (by mixing regen oil with my general moisturiser) it's going well, so hopefully it'll be okay.
Would I buy it again? Hell yes. next time I get paid, if the making it myself goes wrong (poor student).

I'm enjoying getting rid of a bit of a clutter so I'm going to be sticking to the project-pan ness. Although I don't know how long it'll be until the next post! I am off to a volunteering ball with a three course meal tonight, I think I'm going to wear this dress as I was too poorly to at Christmas. 

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