Tuesday, 9 April 2013

wow you had a friend, was he drawn to darkness too?

I have to things to share with you today, a new scarf that came yesterday, and also a new bag that I got on Thursday. The bag was £8 from Primark, and the scarf was from eBay. I have been looking for a scarf like this for-bloody-ages, so I was super glad when Emma from MilkTeef shared a link the other day!

The colours are a little off, that serves me right for living in a place that rains all the time and lets no sunlight in. I kid, it's the first rainy day in a while. The scarf is really nice wool, it feels nice and it smells like PROPER wool, which I didn't expect. I don't have a lot to say today. I sent Michael a package yesterday but the letter I sent a while ago hasn't even got there so I don't expect it to arrive anytime soon. I miss him a whole lot. I got another 1,000 words done on my essay so the total is 5,467/6,000. How are things in your life?


  1. Omg I love that bag, like it is SOOO my style!!!! AHHHHHH lolol sorry, but it's too awesome!!!!

  2. Things in my life seem to just be settling down. AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDD I love that bag!