Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Idea of a Project Pan

So whilst browsing Natasha's blog earlier, I discovered what a project pan in. This is what Natasha has to say about project pans;

'For those of you who don't know what Project Pan is, it's when you stop buying beauty products until you've either hit pan or used up a certain number of products. '

I think this is the best idea ever! I have so many products that need to be used up but I just can't bear to throw them away/get my butt in gear to use them up, so this will definitely be on my horizon. But not for nail varnishes.. I really need those. Have you guys ever taken part in a project pan? Would you recommend it?


p.s. trying to find photos for this post shows me that I don't really do 'product reviews' or anything like that. So this might be a nice new thing!


  1. You should definitely do it! I saved so much money by forcing myself to use things before they expired! It also helped me to understand what I actually like or prefer compared to others in my "collection".

    1. ohh! I didn't really think about it like that, but yeah it'd be handy to know what you actually like instead of just trying loads of things out. Such a good idea xx