Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Roundup #32

I have had a busy week returning to uni; a quiet evening on duty, Canadian friends for dinner, meal with Theana and Harriet, a cheeky niece, sending Michael packages, hand washing clothes, tea and lunch with Eley and Harriet, drinks with Bex from undergrad and an eventful Friday night with Kate in A&E. Saturday I went on a day trip that I shall probably save to share tomorrow :)

dinner with the Canadian (we had beef au jus - so so so good)

This was one of the game we played during lunch with a couple of friends

Haz and I bossed this game (Michael Palin's around the world - who even knows.)

Michael's latest package, it had some good activities!

Had a bit of an accident and needed to hand wash a couple of items 
(my first experience of this, went quite well I reckon!)

Kate, the trooper, in A&E

our treat for an awful afternoon 
(she exited a job interview, fell down the stairs, and got taken to A&E, I rushed out of a lecture/work, met her at A&E and single handedly carried her home. Okay that didn't happen, but I did call her taxi)

Eventful week! and then a bit later on I am off to Theana's to watch Harry Potter. Also, fingers crossed, Michael might be able to call, yippeeee! xx


  1. Yummy those pizzas look amazing :) as do all your other treats x