Thursday, 4 April 2013

Full Repair, deep infusion

I mentioned last week that I had another product review coming up and here it is! I wrote about this product a longggggg time ago, (7th of April 2012! Almost a year ago!), but I'm ready to re-review it now.

John Freida's full repair deep infusion hair oil.
I've not written mean things about this product before, but I definitely didn't like it at first. When I put it on my hair it felt like it was too much, it felt like it made it greasy and it felt like it made it worse. I didn't like it. But I re-found it in my draw probably in October/November time, and decided to give it another go. 

There were (and still are) no clear directions of use, so I never realised that I'd been doing it wrong. 
I treated it like serum, I wanted it to tame certain pieces of hair and keep my hair as controlled as I wanted it.
That isn't it's job. It's job is to offer a bit more lovin'. A bit more care. If you feel like your hair is looking a bit frazzled, a bit unkempt, a bit wild, THAT's when you use it. Yes it looks a little wet/greasy when you first put it on, but it doesn't last long as it gets soaked in and it really makes your hair shine
I couldn't love this product anymore now I've realised this. so here are my directions for use:

squirt 2-4 sprays on your fingers
rub them together to have an even coverage (but not on your palms, it makes it harder to actually get it in your hair)
disperse it through your hair (more on the lengths than the roots), with a bit extra on those crazy little alfalfa bits (I have so many),
But hold on, take a step back, wait a couple of minutes (make a cuppa),
Then come back to the mirror, brush it out and admire how lovely your hair looks :) 

Have you ever tried this product? Or anything from the range? Or even had the same experience with hair oils?! Perhaps it was just me :)


  1. thanks for the honest review and i've never tried this particular product

    1. You're welcome, if you think your hair needs a bit more care then I would recommend it :)