Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Take me wherever you please my dear, cause I'll go anywhere with you

My kitty Zinc joined me for the photo's today, he's such a nosy cat who couldn't leave me be in the garden. But that's okay because I love him :) This is the dress that my mum bought me on great Friday from Dorothy Perkins, and I was lucky enough to get out in the Spring sun to photograph it! I'm still pale as anything, but the sun made me feel better, hopeful almost. 

as you can see, the top is tight and the skirt flares out, it's very lovely. 


The photo on the right shows the actual colours of the dress, I think the sun changes it slightly when you're outside, so I didn't want you all confused. It's blue and white. It looks denimy and does have that kinda feel to it too :) 

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