Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly Roundup #10

I am poorly today, lots of snot and headches and achey ness going on case de Stewart but the world keeps on turning and it is only a cold, what a wimp. Here is what I've been up to this week;

My roast last Sunday - Roast broccoli is so good!

Yucky milk in tea :(

Avocado pasta as by this recipe (not good :( )

Michael's extravagant dinner 

Mm steak sandwich

Someone (Michael) bought 'feel better' food

Loved this instagram'd photo of the meal

bacon and brie sandwich, wish I had cranberry sauce!

Work sheets

Michael's parcels

N'aww card from Theana's mum (for Theana not me)

Shopping list for work 

Mm Theana and Sam keep trying out new Waga's noodles recipes

Michael treating himself to french toast (Did you know that was just eggy bread?!)

Ugggh jealous of Michael's chili squid/Chinese meal

Far too many food photo's, I need to start thinking about taking photo's of things other than meals. getting a tad ridiculous now. Anybody got any good tips for kicking an achey cold? I don't have a bath in halls :(

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