Monday, 26 November 2012

How I spent my Monday

So, I'm waiting for a lecturer to get back to me about an essay plan (no point starting it if it's wrong now is there... :p), and I tried to book poor Daisy (my car) into the garage for a diagnostic check as her check engine light came on, but they're busy and I have to go tomorrow. So today, apart from some reading, I'm a little free.

Have you ever done one of these before? I remember doing them as a kid :)

the magic flannel

you unwrap, 

pop in the water,

swish it around a bit/leave it alone

watch it expand (magically)

the finished piece! What a lovely flannel, ha. 

p.s. I have a lovely new perfume, it's this one. If you're in the body shop check it out- it's amazing! 

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