Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday's Recipe: Cauliflower Soup

Yay we're back to some resemblance of order! I'm excited to share this recipe with you as cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables. To be fair I have so many. In fact I could say that I like all vegetables bar peas. I digress. When Theana and Harriet took me to James Martin's Leeds Kitchen we had cream of cauliflower soup and it was amazing! While James does have a recipe online that I could follow, it has cream in it and a) I don't have any, b) actually prefer soups without cream.

Instead I've read around and adapted many into my own;

1 onion
olive oil or butter to fry the onion
1 potato, cut into small chunks
1 whole cauliflower head
1 carrot (optional, I didn't have one so I didn't use it but my housemate has before)
1 litre of chicken stock
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
1 teaspoon of ground coriander
1 large-ish clove of garlic
salt and pepper

Chop all ingredients, I do it quite small so I don't have to wait too long for them to boil up

my favourite part of the cauliflower - the stalk!

add the spice and seasoning

add chicken stock and start to boil

wait til it's cooked, mash up and eat!

it doesn't look amazing but my blender is at home, I don't even have a potato masher! Lame.

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