Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekly Roundup #15

I've been up to loads this week! Bonfire night, fancy drinks with friends, bowling with friends, meeting up for coffee, girl date.. along with the usual uni/work load.

egg nog latte and toffee nut latte (BOGOF in Starbucks, and so so good!)



lemon grass tea to the left!

mm garlic mussels salad

goats cheese and asparagus tart

I'm showing you a childs dress for two reasons.
a) I would have wanted it as a child, b) I still want it in an adult and even sized up if an age 12 would fit me.

oh GBK, it's been too long! 

magnetic nails with Gemma

Theana's fancy new car

Harriet's delicious tobelerone and white chocolate cookies

fish and chips with the girls last night :)

busy busy week! what have you been up to?

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