Friday, 27 December 2013

A couple of gifts

I'm sure you'll see hundreds but I'm probably going to end up doing a Christmas haul post as I love beig able to look back on the year! As a quick In between post, check out what Natalie got me - I am blown away and absolutely love them!!! eeee <3 I just got the train home too and entertained a family of 5 with the phone case, ha. 

Michaela and I like to be Harry potter geeks and discuss what we think our patronus' would be. I'd like mine to be a fox, and after a crazy dream once Michael decided his was a chinchilla- don't ask, haha. 

How was your Christmas in the end? Did you get some good gifts and eat yourself into a stupor? 


  1. That ring is too adorable! Foxes are like totally in right now arent they lolz

    1. They are, I've loved them ever since dying my hair though!